“I’m running because this area deserves a delegate that is willing to fight for them, to be a true representative of their needs.

I’m determined to stand up for our workers and families to create a more just and secure Commonwealth.”

About Stephanie

Stephanie is a community activist and a public school teacher. After graduating from Franklin County High School she moved to Florida to attend college. But her love for Virginia and the area brought her back home in 2012. Stephanie has faced massive student loan debt, worked 60+ hour work weeks in a local factory, married and transitioned to teaching while raising three children. She knows firsthand the plight of Virginia’s working families and has remained dedicated to helping others through her volunteer work with local churches and nursing homes.

While Virginia has seen tremendous economic growth and the unemployment rate fall, many of the residents of the ninth have been left behind. She has listened to neighbors, colleagues, and friends talk about the challenges of simply making ends meet. As a special education teacher she has seen countless families support each other throughout difficult economic downturns. It is the local community’s incredible resilience and kindness that inspired her to run for the house of delegates.

Like her fellow residents of the ninth, she is a fighter. She will take the fight for good jobs, quality healthcare, and a world-class education system right to Richmond. She knows there is far more work to be done and the ninth district can and will be the best place to live, work, and raise a family.

Stephanie and her family are residents of Rocky Mount, Virginia. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Stetson University and is currently pursuing her Master’s at Liberty University where she is focusing on Special Education.